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General information
ClassificationCombat Unit
Current statusDefunct
Affiliation and corporate information
Real world information
UniverseArmored Core V
First appearedArmored Core V

Zodiac is a group of extremely powerful Armored Cores found in Armored Core V. They are products of the Zodiac Project, an undertaking to create the ultimate Armored Core pilot. Little is known about their origins, other than they are not associated with the City Police or the Corporation. They appear under special conditions in Story Missions and are featured in the Order Missions.

Zodiac MembersEdit

Story Encounter RequirementsEdit

Story mission 1Edit

AC Cancer

  • Take under 5k damage
  • Destroy all enemies.
  • Complete the mission in under 5 minutes.

Story mission 4Edit

AC Scorpius

  • Kill the 2 scavengers
  • Ignore enemies
  • Reach city in under 5 minutes
  • Do not take more than 10k damage

Story mission 6Edit

AC Gemini 1

  • Kill bases, LLL and the enemies in front of Father's building
  • Ignore the smaller enemies
  • Do not take more than 10k damage when you are in front of Father's building
  • Complete the mission in under 6 minutes.

AC Gemini 2

  • Kill bases, LLL and the enemies in front of Father's building
  • Kill most of smaller enemies
  • Do not take more than 10k damage
  • Complete the mission in under 6 minutes.


Zodiac is closer to a project than it is to an actual funded group of skilled pilots like the Men of Honor or the City police. Although they used to serve a greater purpose, whatever their original cause was has long since ceased to exist, leaving them no function other than to fight endlessly.

Story Edit

When the Zodiacs are first encountered in both the Order and Story missions their identities are a mystery, although Rosary is able to deduce that there are more than one of them.

After the player's first encounter with the Zodiacs, they prove to be just as problematic as the Men of Honor. After Zodiac No. 12's defeat, the player is marked by Angie as the Zodiac's primary target. During the last attack from the Men of Honor, Zodiac No. 1 destroys Regan's helicopter before she is able to crash it into Rosary. This event also reveals the identity of the Zodiacs with Regan's last words: "Is that....? Zodiac...".

Following Regan's death, Rosary begins to research the Zodiacs and is eventually able to track down their members over the course of the Order Missions.

The next Zodiac to be taken out is Zodiac No. 5, who is rumored to be in the Executive Sector of the City. Following No. 5's defeat, Fran suggests that the Zodiacs might have been brainwashed to only know how to fight and nothing else.

Zodiac No. 8 is then sent to destroy the Player's AC. No. 8 asks the Player if they are enemies or allies; Fran and Rosary retort that it is too late, as the Zodiacs were the ones to attack first. No. 8 states that the Zodiacs exist only to win; if they are defeated, their mission is over and they will be disposed of. No. 8 also points out that Angie is not the Angie they once knew, and retreats from the battlefield.

The next member was No. 4 Sighted in the Urban Area, No. 4 realized that he was being used as bait for the Raven and called Angie out on it. Provoked, Angie avoided his statement and convinced him to carry out his mission. Upon sighting No. 4, Fran decided that they would have to engage and defeat Zodiac due to their persistence. Following No. 4's defeat, No. 9 was deployed to pick up where No. 4 left off, assuring No. 4 that his battle did not go unwatched. After the defeat of No. 9, Fran commented that No. 4 had been expected to die.

With few members left, Angie sent No. 3 and No. 10 to destroy the Raven, a move that No. 3 points out as being unusual due to Angie's dislike of the pair. Savoring the moment, No. 3 taunts Angie about how much she has changed because of the project, saying that she must have given up her body, mind, and soul for the project; Angie ignores his remarks and orders the pair to engage the player. Upon being defeated, No. 3 or No. 10 exclaims that all of the sacrifices that they made for the project have not payed off, even though they effectively turned themselves into puppets for a reason they can no longer remember.

Rosary spotted the next Zodiac members at the Abandoned Facility. Waiting for the AC to appear, No. 2 voiced worries about the desperate situation they found themselves in. No. 8 asked Angie what would happen to her if they were all defeated. Angie stays silent and quickly changes the subject as the player arrives. No. 2 Tells No. 8 not to worry, claiming that no one can surpass them. No. 8 agrees and they enter the battlefield, only to be defeated.


  • Story-wise, No.7 Cancer was the first to be encountered.
  • There are hints that No.7 destroyed the reverse-joint legged City police AC as they were both heading to you; this indicates that they are not associated with the city police.
  • Angie seems to show dislike towards Zodiacs No.3 and No.10, as indicated by their dialogue prior to attempting to kill Fran and the player.
  • Despite No.6 Gemini having two armored cores, under the same AC name, it seems to have the same Pilot.
  • Another trait they share with each other, other than a skull and a number in their emblems, is that their ACs are painted white or gray.
  • No.1 is similar to Champion Champs in that both roar or growl at the Player.
  • Interestingly, the number of their pilots does not indicate rank, but is arranged according to the months of the Zodiac.
  • Out of all the members of Zodiac, you encounter No.8 the most (three times), followed by No.2 (twice).
  • After No.1 kills Regan and charges towards the player, Fran shouted: "It's the AC from before!", Curiously, This was actually the first time they encountered No.1. This can either be mistranslated or Fran mistaking No.1 for No.8 and No.2.
  • The ending scene of Mission 81 will depend on which Zodiac member you kill last. Their dialogs however match the conclusion of the mission, both talk about their doubts of Angie and the Project, both being turned into puppets, and having no recollection as to why.
  • It's interesting to note that both No.8 and No.2 follow the same fighting pattern as the Controllers Agents.
  • Although it was never stated how; No.12 had half of his AP down. it's likely that he took much of the damage from fighting off the Migrants or MOH itself before encountering The Raven
  • Apparently, No.1 only used one shot of the right H.E.A.T pile bunker and purges it despite the approximate of it really having two shots. The reason for this is probably because he used the first one on Regans Stork.


Possible Human PLUS/AI experiments?Edit

Angie talks in a very machine like manner, and one of the Zodiac members mentioned being turned into "Puppets". Depending on if this takes place in any of the other AC universes, it could be that these were the prototype Human PLUS experiments, or perhaps AIs like Chief is heavily hinted to be.

In addition, it's been shown in the AC universe that some Human PLUS patients have gone insane, like Wildcat or the Murakumo Escapee, which could account for the actions of the more crazy Zodiac members.

Connection with the Corporation or Father?Edit

  • Though it may seem that there is no connection, there are some theories that they are either with the Corporation or Father. The order missions probably take place before or after the events of Story Mission 09. In one of the Order missions, No.8 mentions to Angie, "Our allies are gone, Angie! Whose orders are we following?". The allies he is referring to may be the Corporation or Father and the City Police. As of Mission 06, a Zodiac seems to be defending Father's tower from enemy attack - or the Corporation sent him to eliminate you as they declared. In Story Mission 04, there's a Zodiac assisting the City Police Soldiers who are trying to eliminate you. This could be regarded as evidence that Zodiac are in collusion with Father. It could also be the case that the Corporation sent him to kill you, without providing any additional information - suggesting that the cooperation is a coincidence.
    • With that said, it is not known who the Zodiac's allies were; the necessary information is never provided. But their mission is all the same: the demise of the player AC.
    • It should be mentioned that during the Order missions, one of the Zodiac pilots mentions that all of their allies are dead - this suggests that they had an affiliation.
    • In addition as of Verdict Day, Zodiac may also be involved in the Foundations schemes before their plans were set into motion (The UNAC virus) (It can be noted that both the Corporation and the Foundation are the same antagonistic force in ACV) Zodiac and the Foundation seem to have a common goal; Rooting out potential pilots and destroy them.
  • Another theory is that the Zodiacs involvement may have something to do with No.7's defeat in mission 01. When No. 7 is encountered in the train tunnel, he remarks: "DAMN! this place is swarmin' with enemies!", and then upon seeing the player: " Who the hell are you!?". No. 7's statements indicate that he did not prioritize the destruction of the Raven's AC, unlike the other Zodiacs. As a corollary to that theory, Leon was highly curious about the train in the tunnels, while Rosary only saw its value in the parts that could be scavenged from it once it was destroyed. Leon's interest indicates that No. 7 may have been sent to guard the train and whatever it was carrying. In addition, Order Missions 1 to 83 are side stories that take place after the events of story mission 09, which means that No.7 was your first encounter with the Zodiac pilots. The timing of the encounters could mean that the destruction of No.7 sparked a war between the Raven and Zodiac.

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