The Zinaida path is one of the possible route the player takes in Armored Core: Last Raven.


This is easily the hardest path in the game. The Zinaida Path or Jack-O Ending features multiple AC fights, including 2 vs 1 battles. To get this path, you have to destroy every AC encountered in the level. The missions go as follows: (I know I'm using the AC names for the ones I don't know but I'll fix that)

Mission ListEdit

  1. Distribution Center Recon
  2. Destroy AC Sundial
  3. Eliminate the Enemy AC
  4. Battle Challenge
  5. Eliminate Enemy Invaders
  6. Destroy Suspicious Force
  7. Seize The Airstrip
  8. Shutdown Energy Plant
  9. Eliminate Zinaida 
  10. Eliminate Sorcerer
  11. Defeat the Invading Force
  12. Attack the Advancing Force
  13. Eliminate Airborne Force
  14. Destroy the Internecine

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