Zero - Emblem
General information
Japanese Nameゼロ
Romaji NameZero
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
CraftAC Scrap Pile
Real world information
AppearancesSilent Line: Armored Core
Extra Arena

Zero is a Raven appearing in Silent Line: Armored Core. His rank is A-2 in the Arena. He is partnered with Shatter in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the fourth highest ranked team.

AC Scrap PileEdit

Scrap Pile is a Reverse-joint-legged AC equipped with an EO core, a machine gun, a general magazine, a back linear gun, a grenade rifle, and inside missile decoys. The unit's overall performance is also enhanced with OP-INTENSIFY.

Scrap Pile
Classification: Armored Core Zero

AC Performance:



Overall: B


Head: MHD-MM/007
Core: CCL-02-E1
Arms: CAL-66-MACH
Booster: CBT-01-UN8
Generator: MGP-VE905
Radiator: RMR-SA44

Inside: MWI-DD/10
Extension: -
Back Unit R: KM-AD30
Back Unit L: CWC-LIC/100
Arm Unit R: CWG-MG-300
Arm Unit L: CWGG-GRSL-20

Optional parts:

Arm Weight: /
Leg Weight: /
EN Consumption: /
EN Capacity:
EN Supply:
Total Firepower:
Defensive Points:

Moving Ability:
Turning Speed:
Rising Ability:
Radar Ability:
Sensor Ability:
FCS Performance:



Pattern: Camouflage


Pattern: Camouflage

Right Arm:

Pattern: Camouflage

Left Arm:

Pattern: Camouflage


Pattern: Camouflage


Back Unit R: Red
Back Unit L: Red
Arm Unit R: Black
Arm Unit L: Black


In-Game InformationEdit

Tried and true combat tactics have enabled this pilot to maintain his place among the Arena's best. His AC is equipped with a variety of weapons which he uses to great effect. He anxiously waits the day he and Shatter meet face-to-face.

Strategy Edit

Out of all the top rankers in the Arena, he's the most dangerous (& also possibly the most difficult) among them. His AC is meant to dish out a nasty amount of damage at close range and is potentially dangerous from longer ranges as well. He can fire his lineargun with alarming accuracy and not to mention he also uses his grenade rifle alongside it. Although these weapons lack in raw damage power, their amount of heat stress they produce upon impact is insane, it can instantly send your AC into output down from just one hit from those weapons, so mobility is definitely needed to evade this attack.

At closer range, he will resort to using his machine gun along with his shell-based E.O. core and grenade rifle, which is even more deadly due to the high amount of DPS on top of the huge stress that these weapons can do, so close range combat is definitely not advised with this guy. Even worse, this guy is also equipped with an ammo magazine that adds extra ammo to his weapons (save for the E.O. core), so the punishment from can go on for longer than it normally should.

He is also equipped with missile decoys (with added ammo as well) so missile type weapons are practically useless against this guy.

So what exactly must you do to beat this guy? Here's a useful tip: although Zero is adapted to fight at longer ranges, his lineargun shots are a tad easier to dodge than his machine gun weapons, so long range combat is definitely recommended to face him. Weapons like sniper rifles or laser rifles are great weapons to use against him as he can't do much damage from longer ranges. However, do note that he is very quick to close distance between you and him, so if he tries to strafe close to you, overboost away from him; his AC lacks overboost because of the E.O. core and it will take a longer time for him to catch up to you.

He has a tendency to go airborne, albeit for short periods of time, so be mindful of his movements. A good map to face him on would be the ones like the Military District or Trene city as they both have plenty of spots for cover and you can trick him into firing at the buildings/obstacles instead of you. You just have to make sure you don't get stuck on the buildings/obstacles, otherwise he will immediately take advantage of it and punish you heavily for it.

Another thing to note when facing him is to avoid his grenade rifle shots as much as possible as it not only possesses high heat stress, but also a deadly stun effect & he's known to take advantage of that stun to do a lot of damage to you, so avoid that. Luckily, he doesn't possess any missile type weapons of any sort, so dodging his shots will be a tad easier compared to some other opponents.



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