Zengame img
Classification: Normal AC
Designer: Arisawa Heavy Industries
  • Dual Grenade Launchers
  • Spread Missiles
Chronological Info
Eras Active: LYNX War

The ZENIGAME (銭亀, Zenigame or Zenikame) is a Normal unit encountered in Armored Core 4.


Designed by Arisawa Heavy Industries, the Zengame combines the company's two greatest strengths; armor and grenades, into a heavyweight tank-type Normal AC. Although slow, the Zengame is durable and powerful, capable of unleashing large amounts of high-explosive firepower with its grenade launcher weapon-arms and spread missile launcher.

This unit is considerably effective against NEXTs in tight, enclosed spaces where evasion is difficult and their high-explosive weaponry can be used to maximum effect. NEXTs that find themselves trapped and underfire from a Zengame can lose surprising amounts of AP in a short space of time.


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