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The YC08-ICURUS is a core part that appeared only in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Part Description Edit

Prototype OB model designed to balance DEF and mobility stats

Stats Edit

  • Part Type: Core
  • Manufacturer: Mirage
  • Price: 110,000c
  • AP: 2297
  • Weight: 1002
  • Energy Drain: 1404
  • Def Shell: 419
  • Def Energy: 456
  • Max Arm Weight: 3009
  • Cooling: 913
  • Heat Resistance: 622
  • Optional Slots: 20
  • Hangar Unit: None
  • OB Power: 26880
  • OB Energy Drain: 10320
  • OB Acceleration: 536
  • Discharge Heat: 5510

Notable Users Edit

Trivia Edit

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