Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Interior Union
Core: C01-TELLUS
Head: H01-TELLUS
Arms: A01-TELLUS
Legs: L09-RIGEL
Generator: I-RIGEL/G
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War


With the Interior's previous designs being both heavy and having relatively poor PA values, the Interior design team began construction on the RIGEL as an attempt to make create a lighter version of the Y01-TELLUS as well as a workbench to test out new PA systems and rectifiers. After TORUS was selected to provide generators, the company also decided that the race in Kojima technology and the increased KP output of the new generator, they made an agreement with TORUS for a new KRB system, making the RIGEL the Union's first craft equipped with the system.

While being a tank legged model, it has increased mobility and somewhat heightened PA capacity compared to the earlier Y01. The need for increased PA capacity also required a new generator with improved PA output. After testing various experimental designs from TORUS, the Union made an agreement to purchase the RIGEL-X06, soon renamed the I-RIGEL/G, aswell as to buy all generators for its upcoming designs from TORUS.

All aspects counted, it is a lighter Y01 with increased PA capacity and PA output.

This design would also be the basis for the Y11-LATONA.

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