Vola-Volant is an independent Raven in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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AC Sudden Drop

Information Edit

Vola is a Raven who always works alongside Wanton Busker. He completely trusts his partner's judgements and decisions. His skill level places him in the above average category, but he would not be able to survive any encounter solo. Where he is found, Busker is certain to be there as well. He appears in "Destroy the Control Towers" depending on how quickly Busker is defeated, and also appears in "Eliminate Enemy Invaders".

AC Sudden Drop Edit


Lightweight reverse-joint AC unit designed with extended flight duration in mind. The AC's part loadout limits its close-range attack performance but compensates with its long to mid range capability. Unit is armed with sniper rifles, vertical missiles, and extension vertical missiles. Sudden Drop is actually an overweight AC, as shown if seen through his point of view through an Extra Arena match replay.


Sudden Drop's only threat is his missiles. He's also alarming accurate with his sniper shots so an AC with good defense is important because you will then be able to withstand most of his attacks. A tank with a heavy aperture cannon could do the trick (just make sure you have the right FCS to be able to hit him). Otherwise, as his AC is overweight, it won't be as fast as it seems so it can be rushed with barrages of weapons. Likewise, the only danger he poses is the fact that he shows up right after you kill Wanton Busker in most missions.