Track Down Evangel is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Headquarters

Operation Area: Hordess Mining Site

Objectives: Destroy AC Oracle

Rewards: 114,000c

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request involves tracking down Evangel and eliminating him.

Alliance headquarters deems him to be a traitor and wants to see him punished.

Ed Weisz


"Raven, we want you to track down and eliminate Evangel."

"He's been missing since a few hours ago."

"Evangel is commander of Alliance Tactical Unit forces. It is completely unacceptable if he has defected just before the upcoming battle with Vertex."

"We've managed to narrow down a location where he might be hiding out. You've been cleared to attack should you discover him there."

"Eliminate all who attempt to interfere with your mission."


Sheila:Supposedly he's somewhere in this area.

Sheila:Destroy any resistance you encounter.

Sheila:Where could he be?

Sheila:I don't see anything that indicates he was ever here.

Sheila:Where is he?

Sheila:The area has been secured.

Sheila:I guess the information was wrong. Let's head out.

Situation ReportEdit

Alliance Headquarters prides itself on maintaining strict order. If Evangel has defected, then they are obligated to take him down in order to save face.

Going after those who might be harboring him is also an effective means of doing away with groups Alliance doesn't like.

Ed Weisz


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