Terrorist Pursuit

The Nowaki MT firing from behind a parked car.

Terrorist Pursuit is a mission in Armored Core.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Isaac City Guard

Advance: 0

Upon success: 23000

Theater of operations: Isaac City Parking Garage

Enemy forces: 1 MT

Conditions for success: Destroy the enemy MT

Briefing Edit

Just now, several MTs, thought to be terrorists, appeared in an urban district. Indiscriminately, they attacked the surrounding buildings and fled.

Guards rushing to the scene cornered one terrorist in a nearby parking garage, but the garage has only one large entrance, so it is not easy to get him.

The rest of the gang is still fleeting and we cannot spare any more men. Go to the scene ASAP and cooperate in destroying the terrorist.

Several civilian vehicles remain in the garage. Damage to the vehicles will be deducted from your pay. Sorry, but we've got budget problems too. Good luck.




Guard: This is the Guard. The bottom floor is for Chrome use only. Get it over with before he gets there. We're counting on you!

Guard: This floor is for Chrome use only. Get out quickly as soon as you are finished with your job.


A good way to finish this mission is upon entering the fifth floor, where the terrorist MT is, is to ignore it and head straight for the tunnel to the next level, blocking it off. This will trap the MT as it tries to head downwards, allowing you to easily finish it off.
Armored Core Terrorist Pursuit

Armored Core Terrorist Pursuit


  • At the bottom level, a Bishop MT is waiting and seems to attack both you and the MT. This is because the floor is reserved for Chrome executives. If the MT destroys the car on this level, the mission fails.
  • Your reward will be reduced for each car destroyed.