Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Rosenthal
Generator: GN-HOGIRE
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War
The TYPE-LANCEL is one of the four schematics available at the beginning of Armored Core: For Answer.

It is generally a lightened HOGIRE unit with improved defenses, load capacity, and overall performance in close and long-range combat

The HOGIRE, what went wrong?Edit

After the partial failure of the HOGIRE, the Rosenthal design team had learned that while the HOGIRE was well designed for most types of combat, its different strengths had very little synergy. To make it simple, the design was a masterpiece of NEXT engineering, but when pitted against less versatile but more specialized NEXTs like the 03-AALIYAH, its moderate-power boosters cannot keep up with the speed devil of a NEXT and soon it'll end up in a nightmare of blades and machinegun shells coming in from multiple directions.

Against a BFF sniper unit, though fully capable of outmanouvering the slower NEXT, its inability to use blades effectively and its low arm part manuverability meant that it had little advantage in close combat and will instead be forced into textbook mid-ranged shootout. A battle where an 047AN 's slightly heavier armor and high mid to long-range performance would likely be able to hold off a HOGIRE unit without much hassle.

In general,the HOGIRE was designed to fullfill any combat role given to it, but it was not designed so that it could match the abilities of more specialized designs, and the cooling of the design's vital systems caused immense EN drain, a rather embrassing blemish on what is otherwise a marvel of NEXT design.


The result of this research was the insight that if a NEXT should be good at close range combat, compatibility with blades is a must, as is the ability to use EN weapons without depleting the energy reserves in just a few shots.

Low EN drain is required for close range combat.

Should long range artillery be equipped, load capacity is a must.

Firing stability and aim precision is useful, but being good at it does not mean it should carry a full set of bazookas, nor should it be used in combat at such speeds that observers can't see its arms as they move around, constantly keeping the sights on the NEXT in front of... behind.. above...somewhere near it. If it can hit a moving target 500 metres away then that will likely be enough as any long-range sniper cannons/Grenade cannons can be equipped on the back instead, making good firing stability for the arms less needed.


TYPE-LANCEL as seen in Armored Core: For Answer loading screen


The results of the facts above were that the LANCEL arms has its precision and firing stability decreased in comparison to the HOGIRE arms, in exchange for increased close combat potential with the addition of much higher EN compatibility. Load capacity has also been increased to allow heavier weapons on the back. And the overall craft weight and EN use has been decreased, at the expense of some armor.

The large EN draining cooling systems of the HOGIRE has been removed, welding the internal systems to the "skin" of the NEXT allows effective cooling without increasing EN use as the heat of the internal systems is lead straight through the welded together parts and into the armored "skin", wich is cooled by airflow, constantly stealing heat from the inner structure.

The empty space left by the cooling systems allows for improved PA rectifiers, increasing PA effectiveness.

Lastly, the application of large "fins" on the craft's surface allows improved cooling of the interior. The fins also cause explosive shells to detonate before hitting the body of the NEXT, aswell as absorbing heat from EN weapons effectively, letting the airflow cool down the affected fins within seconds.

This cooling technique appears to have been used in the arms of Rayleonard 's 03-AALIYAH, and AkvaVit 's LINSTANT, though these fins seem to be more of a hybrid, where coolant liquid is pumped through tiny pipes inside the fins, an extremely efficient but EN consuming system, also resulting in exceptional EN defenses as the fins are cooled both from the inside coolant and the outside airflow. The LANCEL technique is also used in Omer's TYPE-LAHIRE and primitive versions also exists on the TYPE-JUDITH's legs.

Starter packEdit

When the beginning schematic for the Lancel is chosen, the player will start with purchasing options of Rosenthal products. The default weaponry is a rifle in the right hand, a moderate laser blade in the the other, a chain gun on the left part of the back, and a spread missile launcher on the other back slot, shoulder slots empty.

Comparison to the TYPE-HOGIRE in ACFAEdit

Although the TYPE-HOGIRE is also known for being well-rounded, the Lancel achieves the goal of being well-rounded "more effectively". Although somewhat lighter, the Lancel has a smaller difference in ballistic and energy defense when compared to the HOGIRE, aswell as having improved overall defense values.


The LANCEL is the only starter NEXT in ACFA equipped with a KRB OverBoost system (the "R" stating the part incorporates the system commonly referred to as Assault Armor )

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