Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Rosenthal
Generator: GN-HOGIRE
Right Arm Unit: RF-R100
Left Arm Unit: EB-O305
Right Back Unit: RDF-O200
Left Back Unit: MP-O200I
Chronological Info
Eras Active:
The TYPE-HOGIRE is a NEXT model that first appears in Armored Core 4 and is seen again in Armored Core: For Answer.


Designed and built as a joint project between Rosenthal and Omer Science, the TYPE-HOGIRE is a middleweight, general-purpose Armored Core NEXT. With a good mix of AP, mobility, firepower, and defensive strength, the TYPE-HOGIRE is also equiped with a variety of weapons that enable it to engage targets at most combat ranges with ease.


The announcement of Kojima technology by Akvavit had spurred Omer Science to research their own on the findings, and despite separate attempts, both companies came to the same conclusion: these new type of energy can be harnessed to power the next generation of Armored Cores, called NEXTs. Already in the market with their Dulake Class Normals, Rosenthal saw this as their grand opportunity. Thus, with great fanfare, the TYPE-HOGIRE is the result.

The HOGIRE is the culmination of the two company's so-called "White Knight Project". Indeed, the finished unit's color and posture lend credence to the moniker. Furthermore, it did not take long for Rosenthal and Omer to push the unit to the limit, ultimately creating Rosenthal's ultimate symbol of power and NEXT superiority, Noblesse Oblige. An undated video feed shot in what looks like Gryphon shows the overwhelming power of Noblesse Oblige's build, maneuverability, Primal Armor, and Omer-built laser cannons against a group of unidentified Normals. With the HOGIRE set to enter the stage, it quickly became the benchmark of all following NEXT models.

HOGIRE's performance stemmed from Rosenthal's desire to create a NEXT that can serve many roles at once, fulfilling the general requirement of any situation. Indeed, it's defenses, arm maneuverability, energy and Kojima output are balanced across the board, with no weaknesses to speak of. That is, until other, more specialized NEXT models were produced, such as BFF's 047AN, Leonemeccanica's Y01-TELLUS, and Rayleonard's infamous 03-AALIYAH. While balanced and easy to use, it became clear that in hindsight, Rosenthal made a grave mistake in assuming that there will be no need for specialization, and thus the HOGIRE is doomed to be the proverbial "jack-of-all-trades, master of none". For example, the AM-HOGIRE arm part lacks the sophistry and precision compared to BFF's 047AN03, or the maneuverability and energy weapons compatibility of Rayleonard's 03-AALIYAH/A. While its generator were balanced and perfectly serviceable, it is outclassed (on paper at least) by GA's generator model, despite its infamy as a heavy, bulky part. It is clear that, by the end of Pax Economica and the consequent outbreak of the Lynx War, the HOGIRE performed well against all except other NEXTs, where its purely balanced stats became its biggest weakness.

Still, the NEXT is by no means a failure. Its solid construction, relative versatility, and forgiving piloting constraint yet high potential made it one of the more accessible choice for any aspiring Lynxes. Unfortunately, Rosenthal's extreme quality-over-quantity view means that not many of these units were produced, and despite its great potential, few were in circulation during the antebellum period that followed the aftermath of the Lynx War. The rise of Omer Science Technology as the dominating company, the shift in NEXT combat doctrine, and the development of the newer TYPE-LANCEL sealed the unit's fate. This is a shame, as Noblesse Oblige had repeatedly proven how powerful the unit can be despite its limitations. The fast-moving pace of technology had left the HOGIRE in its wake and only Noblesse Oblige stood by as a witness on how this otherwise magnificent machine met its untimely end.

Armored Core 4Edit

In AC4, the TYPE-HOGIRE was one of the standard NEXT schematics the player could choose as a starting mech. It was equipped with a laser blade, a standard rifle, an enlarged scatter missile launcher, and an external back-mounted radar.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

In Armored Core For Answer, the TYPE-HOGIRE is no longer offered as a starter pack NEXT; the newer TYPE LANCEL is offered instead. The schematic, unlockable by completing Omer Science/Rosenthal/Algebra missions, stripped the unit of its weapons and stabilizers, providing a good starting point for a middleweight NEXT design. It has the standard Lynx War-Era white-on-gray color scheme. Like it's counterpart in AC4, it is still well-rounded and relatively easy to pilot and its only flaw is the arm part's high EN consumption and its relatively heavier weight and slightly underpowered boosters. However, for its weight class, it has quite a high AP and a balanced defense rating.


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customisation.


  • The HOGIRE, along with LAHIRE, LANCEL, and the generator part GN-HECTOR is taken from the French names of the card "Jack". In this case, HOGIRE refers to Ogier the Dane, one of the heroes in the 11th century French epic poem "Song of Roland". In this case, the Ogier/Hogier refers to Jack of Spades.
  • In an early promotional artwork (pictured at the top of this page), the HOGIRE uses the emblem that would later be the emblem of Tepes V's Silver Bullet.

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