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TORUS is a company that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.


Supported by the Interior Union, TORUS is a startup company that was made the parent body of the former GAE. Through the acquisition of what remained of the now-destroyed Akva Vit and the Rayleonard engineers in the company at the time, they are able to utilize extremely specialized Kojima technology and high output booster tech. As a strong successor of both GAE and Akva Vit qualities, they are in fierce competition with Omer Science in the field of Kojima technology (in which they appear to be winning as they have already created numerous Kojima weapons as well as a Kojima based NEXT model named ARGYROS) and are not on good terms with GA either.


Being the successor to both GAE and Akva Vit, TORUS emphasizes parts with cutting edge Kojima technology and overall high defenses, as well as impressive EN efficiency and high output generators.

NEXT Schematics Utilizing TORUS partsEdit


Arms FortsEdit

  • Sol Dios Orbit (unconfirmed, but basis in GA/Interior Land Crab and GAE/TORUS Sol Dios Cannon designs makes this a likely possibility)

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