Super Scimitar

The Super Scimitar is an MT that appears in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.

Overview Edit

Super Scimitar

Super Scimitar in Project Phantasma

The Super Scimitar is special in that it is one of the few transformable MT's, which has the capability to switch from a bipedal "Chicken Walker" unit with a large top to a very fast and agile hit-and-run fighter. This is done by folding back the units legs. It also makes an appearance Armored Core: Nexus Revolution disk as a special boss. The Scimitar possesses moderate weapons capabilities, and is possibly one of the few MT's capable of fighting an AC almost equally. A squad or two of the Scimitar can easily destroy an unwary Armored Core. The Super Scimitar is actually the Scimitar equipped with a flight pack, although the pack only gives limited flight performance.


  • Chain Gun
  • Dual Laser Cannon


The Super Scimitar appears in two missions as an enemy. They appear in the missions:


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