Stork is the unofficial fan name for a large unmanned reverse joint MT that appears numerous times throughout the original Armored Core games as enemies and test targets. Rarely encountered in missions, they were typically used as test targets in the AC Test option of the Garage.


They are named for their long legs and tall height, about twice that of an AC, and is reverse joint in appearance. The unit apparently is unmanned and was designed as a high-capacity combat unit with excellent power and decent defense. They are fairly agile and are capable of flying for fairly good distances, by using their boosters which are mounted where the arms would be normally. They are equipped with quad rifles with two rifles mounted on each side of the torso.


  • Quad Rifle


Appearing always as enemies. Storks appear to be used mainly by the Ravens' Nest and as test targets in the AC garage. They appear in the missions:


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • They are one of two enemies to appear in more than one game in the Original Universe (not counting remakes), alongside the Heat Wave. They appear in all three PSX Armored Core games, though they only appear in the AC Test option in the latter two PSX games.