Stop Security MT

One of the facility's control panels.

Stop Security MT is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Earth Environment Reclamation Committee

Advance: 0

Upon success: 38000

Theater of operations: Old Military Facility

Enemy forces: Security MTs

Conditions for success: Destroy the control panels


We have a mission for you regarding the old military facility where we previously sent a survey team.

The survey of the first basement level is complete, but a passage thought to lead to the lower levels was found during the survey.

However, just past it was an extremely powerful security MT that we could not defeat with our weapons.

Oddly, it never comes out of the passage to attack us. It seems to be protecting something. Anyway, this facility still has many mysteries.

According to a structural diagram of the place found on the first floor, there are several control panels for the Security MTs in the back. We want you to destroy them.



Radio: Raven. There is a total of three control panels. Destroy all three as soon as you find them.



  • You get an additional 300 for each enemy unit destroyed.

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