Specops ships
Special Operations Ship
Classification: Ship
Designer: BFF
  • Vertical Missile Launchers
  • Machine Guns

The 047ST1221, referred to as the Special Operations Ship, is a seldom encountered naval enemy in Armored Core 4


The BFF Special Operations Ship appears to perform a similar combat role to the Aegis Destroyer, albeit leaning more towards stealth tactics than large-scale fleet engagements. They are armed with numerous machine guns and a series of vertical missile launchers designed for long-range combat.

The Special Operations Ship features a streamlined body that is presumably designed for hydro-dynamics and stealth. Despite their special operations role, they differ little from standard destroyers and perform similarly in combat.


The BFF Special Operations Ships appear in limited numbers in the mission Water Gliding in Armored Core 4, and again in Hail of Bullets on hard mode. They do not reappear in Armored Core: For Answer.

The appearance of the Special Operations Ship appears to be based on the designs of modern-day stealth warships. Indeed, their name in Japanese literally translates as "Stealth Destroyer."


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