Spartan - Emblem
General information
Japanese Nameスパルタン
Romaji NameSuparutan
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationGlobal Cortex
CraftMT Tempest
AC Tempest
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 3
EncounteredDefend the Monorail
End Employee Standoff
Secure the Mine
Destroy Gun Emplacements
Destroy Massive MT
Disable Radar Equipment
Distract Union Defenses
Protect Crest Convoy
Recover Data Capsules
Extra Arena

Spartan is a MT pilot and later a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is ranked E-23 in the Arena. He is partnered with Bison in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the fifteenth highest ranked team.


Upon completing Bomb Disarmament.

Title: Advanced

"I'm finally a Raven, just like you. My AC's design adheres to the same style I preferred when piloting MTs, which is to say it is very well armored. If you take on any missions where you think I could be of help, give me a call."

MT TempestEdit

A well armored unit designed to stand up to an AC. In addition to heavy armor plating, it also equips a shield used for deflecting incoming rounds. It can't fly, but moves quickly enough for most purposes.

MT Tempest SpecificationsEdit

MT Tempest

Spartan as a MT pilot.

Spartan's MT, Tempest, is a Sukutamu model MT, which is designed to stand up to an AC in combat. His MT is a humanoid design, wielding a large bazooka as its right-arm weapon, and an equally large shield on its left arm. It is incredibly slow when walking, although the pilot compensates by boosting in short bursts when he moves, instead of walking. It is the strongest MT you can hire as a consort, although he can find himself outnumbered quite easily, as he often boosts ahead of you to take on enemies by himself.

  • Name: Spartan
  • MT Name: Tempest
  • MT Type: Heavy-armor humanoid type
  • Armament/s: Bazooka, Shield
  • Armor Points: 3000
  • Strategy: Head-on charge, often leaves the middle of battle to check on you and your AC, allowing enemies to shoot him from behind
  • Strengths: Armor, confined spaces, slow-moving enemies
  • Weaknesses: Mobility, wide open areas, flying & fast-moving enemies

AC TempestEdit

AC Tempest

AC Tempest

Much like his old MT, Tempest is a well-armored behemoth, although this model is a tank, its weapon setup identical to Bison's; wielding a machine gun in one hand and a spread howitzer in the other, its back mounted by the infamous LANZAR pursuit missile launcher. While powerful and well-armored with an Overboost to accompany it, it is not quite as mobile as it needs to be when dealing with foes who know how to get around.



Spartan can be hired as a consort; first as an MT pilot and later as an AC pilot in the following missions:

MT Tempest

AC Tempest

In-Game InformationEdit

The pursuit missiles mounted on his AC's shoulders are more for show than anything else and his opponent's time is better spent worrying about what he intends to do with the machine gun. His AC is heavily armored and therefore slow.


Spartan is not a threat to be taken lightly; despite his rank he is far more dangerous than several higher ranked pilots. His pursuit missiles are rarely used but they don't need to be used often to be effective. He will generally start the match by firing off at least one, which will in turn break off into a large number of more missiles. The machine gun is the real menace for he is incredibly accurate and relentless when a lock on is made. His lack of mobility is a set back that makes battling him far less of a challenge but Spartan is still not one to be underestimated. A quick AC that can maneuver around this tank like AC is advised.



The name Spartan refers to natives of the ancient Greek city-state and Kingdom of Sparta, also known as Lacedaemon. Spartans are widely known for their harsh militaristic lifestyle that dominated Greek politics for roughly a century.

The name Tempest refers to a violent storm.