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AC Banshee

Sorcerer is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus who later works for Vertex in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Sorcerer is a virtuous fighter and is also known for his excellent close-range combat skills. He's unique among Ravens due to the fact that he is highly regarded by Jack-O. One could say they share a friendship of sorts. This fact can't be said about any other Raven out there and helps make an already interesting character that much more so. He was also a top ranking Raven in Armored Core Nexus.

AC Banshee Edit


Middleweight, two-leg AC model that utilizes weapon arms as its primary means of attack. Unit is capable of inflicting heavy close-range damage. Unit is equipped with machine gun weapon arms, a small missile launcher, a AST rocket launcher, an inside small rocket launcher and energy side shield extensions. It is also equipped with a shell-type EO core to improve overall firepower.


Banshee is devastating up close making it nearly impossible for him to be fought up close. If you can stay mobile and keep at range, you'll only face missiles and stray rockets. These are much easier to defeat. Should you have a fairly mobile or durable AC, you can easily run him out of ammo, making him a lot easier to defeat.

His AC also doesn't have that much of durability, so weapons with high ATK power or high DPS can easily shred him. He's also another that doesn't have OP-INTENSIFY on his AC, so it's possible to overheat him and keep him grounded and hammer away at him till he's dead.



  • In the mission "Eliminate Sorcerer," Jack-O shows considerable regret over having to betray and kill his friend, going so far as to ask him for forgiveness, noting the deep relationship the two had.