Sire Fire is an AI ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 11.

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AC Dirty SlimeEdit

Middleweight, two-leg design built to achieve a healthy balance between mobility and firepower. Weapon loadout is geared toward mid-range combat. Unit is equipped with a small missile launcher, grenade launcher, a machine gun, a laser blade and anti-missile extensions. Unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY, allowing it to use its grenade launcher on the fly.


Compared to some of the higher ranker pilots, Sir Fire is still a relatively easy opponent to deal with. His only main threat lies in his grenade launcher, which is something he only occasionally uses, he mostly relies on his missiles and machine gun, which aren't exactly his most accurate weapons, unless you choose to engage him in close range combat. By maintaining an adequate distance from him, he will not pose too much of a threat. Weapons like rifles, laser rifles & linear rifles all work well against him. Machine guns are viable too but do note that close range combat is his forte due to his choice of weapons, so you must be able to outclass him in a damage race at close range.

His laser blade is also practically garbage as the starter blade deals barely any damage to anything, so you can easily outclass him in blade combat if you have a much stronger blade to use against him.

Missiles are also viable against him but take note that he has an anti-missile system, so timing of firing the missiles must also be done, otherwise majority of your missiles will get intercepted and be rendered ineffective.


  • Inside: None