The Silent Line: Armored Core Arena is composed of 44 Ravens.


The Silent Line: Armored Core Arena is initially composed of 30 Ravens working for Global Cortex. At the start of the game the player is ranked E-9. The 14 Ravens ranked E-10 and below are added in the arena as the game progresses

Rankings (Ravens, AC)Edit

Rank Raven AC
Raven Rank A
A-1 Mobius Infinity
A-2 Zero Scrap Pile
A-3 Shade Silhouette
Raven Rank B
B-1 Haunted Sharpshooter
B-2 Silver Fox Lurker
B-3 Corpse Maker Health Taker
B-4 Revolution Bruiser
Raven Rank C
C-1 Carom Firebird
C-2 G Thunderstorm
C-3 Shatter Spite
C-4 Ironman Hyper Alloy
C-5 Porcupine Barbed Wire
C-6 Solo Bobcat
C-7 Prominence Water Hazard
Raven Rank D
D-1 Apophis Cobra
D-2 Ballistic Breakshot
D-3 Rodeo Unruly
D-4 Rotation Hook
D-5 Ori Moon Salt
D-6 Calamity Pitfall
D-7 Mileage Venom
Raven Rank E
E-1 Gold Bit Clover Knight
E-2 Gimlet Leopard
E-3 Prophet Bullseye
E-4 7th Heaven Utopia
E-5 Cobalt Blue Killer Whale
E-6 Bouquet Flashback
E-7 Shooting Star King Fisher
E-8 Little Bear Double Wing
E-9 The Raven
E-10 Irony Carnage
E-11 Brace Equilibrium
E-12 Virtue Guardian
E-13 Freedom Fireburst
E-14 Ronin Chariot
E-15 Eclair Nikita
E-16 Diligent Timetable
E-17 Drunkard Reckless
E-18 Advent Warhead
E-19 Foreman Masterpiece
E-20 Kebek Chisel
E-21 Nameless Enigma
E-22 Double Heart Wiktoria*
E-23 Selfish Forocus
  • * These Ravens only appear in Silent Line Portable


  • Double Heart's AC is named "Wiktoria" instead of "Victoria".

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