Shutdown Defense SystemsEdit

In-Game Mission Summary:Edit

"This mission request has been issued by Alliance's Tactical Unit and involves shutting down the defense in the Old Nire Industrial Area. 

Is Alliance victory at hand?

Ed Weisz"

Reward: Edit



"With Vertex's declared time of attack drawing near, elements of the Alliance Tactical Unit are in active pursuit of Jack - 0. 

We'd like you to assist us in these efforts by taking part in the mission as a diversionary target for the enemy forces. 

Your objective will be to shut down the Old Nire Industrial Area's defense systems by destroying the energy supply pods located on the sides of the central building. 

As far as Jack's whereabouts are concerned, we have some good leads. He'll be found soon. 

You're free to leave the area once the enemy's attention is sufficiently focused on you AC. Good luck, Raven."

Enemy Count: Edit

Foottroopers, Quad-legged MTs(4), Defense lasers(2), Long-range MTs


The area is as it were in previous missions. A few spacious streets walled by tall buildings. It will have foottroops strewn about, as well as Anti-Aircraft Vehicles on some of the rooftops leading to the targets. The Two MTs will also be sitting at the base of the two targets, defending them from the Raven. 


It's recommended to bring something that explodes, vertical missiles will be most useful in eliminating both the MTs as well as the defense cannons. The defense cannons' mode of attack are plasma cannons, they're easy to see, but splash damage will make it difficult to close in without being hit. Equipping a long range FCS and a bazooka are ideal for this mission as well. It's important to remember that the defense cannons cannot be destroyed. 

Alternatively for Lightweight ACs, hopping from rooftop to rooftop to eliminate the MTs and gain cover from the defense cannons is also a solid plan. Eventually moving around to the underside or peripheral to finish the job

Note: Upon eliminating the first Quad-legged MT, the sniper MTs will appear

Should you kill ALL MTs beforehand, a cutscene will reveal the raven Crow coming to the fray. Leave one MT alive, though, and he won't appear. If you have no AP left, this can really help out alot. 


A middleweight AC, Crow will attack with Lasers. Getting in close will be difficult, because he boosts his way over The Raven once they get in close. The Raven is not obligated to fight, and can leave when desirable. 

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