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Shamir RaviRavi
General information
Affiliation and military information
CraftNEXT Red Rum
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer
EncounteredDefeat Red Rum & Starka
"What fine sheep you are! Coming straight to the wolf's den for slaughter! (Laughs) You're not getting out of here alive."
— Shamir RaviRavi in Defeat Red Rum & Starka

Shamir RaviRavi is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. She is ranked #15 in Collared.

In-Game BiographyEdit

This Lynx is often called "Algebra's Femme-Arachnid". She pilots an insect-like four-legged craft with a slug gun and other slug based weaponry. Best in her element, she loves to get the drop on enemies in adverse battlefield situations.


Shamir RaviRavi appears as an enemy Algebra Lynx in the mission Defeat Red Rum & Starka. Taking pleasure in defeating enemy NEXTs using her ambush hit and run tactics, she targets The Raven amidst PA-N51's heavy fog. She is ultimately defeated by The Raven who managed to lure her out into the open.

NEXT Red RumEdit

ACFA shamir RaviRavi

NEXT Red Rum

Shamir's NEXT Red Rum is a quadruped Ekhazar equipped with ACACIA assault rifle, MIBURUCUYA shotgun and a back mounted slug gun, which is very effective in cutting down PA. Shamir's style of fighting is that of "hide-and-seek," where she uses the environment to hide her movements and then attacks from unexpected angles.


Because of the difficult weather conditions, the many buildings and the sheer mobility which Red Rum possesses, Shamir is easily one of the most difficult NEXT to maintain a lock on and destroy quickly (equipping the 047AN02 head part will solve this problem). A particularly fast and efficient method is to equip the Algebra machine gun weapon arms and a back mounted Gatling gun, use a BLUEXS FCS, and simply fire away. When you first see Shamir, boost in close and draw her into the buildings. Simply hold down the trigger and keep moving to avoid Starka and Shamir will be quickly downed. If possible, avoid killing Starka first, because Shamir will focus on you (even if you have a hired consort ) only.

Another way of destroying her quickly is to hire a consort (Rai-Den is a good option), equip yourself with the ARGYROS/XA, the GAN01-SS-GC ond the left back unit and a radar on the right back unit. When the mission starts, don't move and activate the ARGYROS/XA arms. Red Rum and Starka will appear coming from behind the building on your left. When you see them, quickly move closer to Red Rum and shoot with the ARGYROS/XA. She will die with one shot, and Starka will start targeting you. Thanks to his fighting style, he will always stay in front of you. Just unload the GAN01-SS-GC while back boosting and he will die real fast.

If you possess the big SIOUx missiles then construct a powerful heavily armored next. Use shoulder missiles and keep on launching all missiles at Red Rum. It will be easier to lure Red Rum into the buildings and then launch your assault. For arm weapons use the Nakimbura grenade launchers as they have a wide blast radius and high damage, especially against Red Rum's low defense.


  • What fine sheep you are, both of you! Coming straight to the wolf's den for slaughter! (laugh) Neither of you are getting out of here alive.
  • What fine sheep you are! Coming straight to the wolf's den for slaughter! (Laugh) You're not getting out of here alive. (If The Raven is alone)
  • This-you... what kind of joke is this! Red Rum...please...


NEXT Red Rum Schematics

NEXT Red Rum Schematics

  • Head Stabilizers
  • Core Stabilizers
    • Core R Upper: SOLUH-CORE-1
    • Core L Upper: None
    • Core R Lower: None
    • Core L Lower: None
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None
  • Leg Stabilizers
    • Legs Back: None
    • Legs RF Upper: None
    • Legs LF Upper: None
    • Legs RF Middle: None
    • Legs LF Middle: None
    • Legs RF Lower: None
    • Legs LF Lower: None
    • Legs RR Upper: None
    • Legs LR Upper: None
    • Legs RR Middle: None
    • Legs LR Middle: None
    • Legs RR Lower: None
    • Legs LR Lower: None


  • Spelled backwards, Red Rum becomes muR deR
  • Red Rum is possibly a reference to the AC Scarlet Spider from Armored Core: Last Raven's Virtual Arena.
  • If you leave Do Su alone and kill Shamir first, Starka will lecture her for toying around: "You messed around too much Shamir! This is why birds aren't cut out for this work."