Shade is an independent Raven in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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Information Edit

Once employed by the Ravens' Ark, he left the organization because of the strict regulations that its members had to abide by. He just recently became an active Raven again, and has been doing quite well overall. Not really aligned with any one group, Shade's primary motivation is acquiring as much money as he possibly can. Rarely if ever does he fret over principles. He is encountered in the mission "Battle Challenge".

AC Stratus Edit


Green heavyweight, hover tank-leg AC equipped with a variety of solid round weapons: arm mounted bazooka and shotgun, back mounted grenade launcher and small missile launcher. The unit has good close range attack performance, but poor mobility.


When fighting Shade, the key thing to remember is that while he is indeed heavily armored, his AC has very low mobility. When using a lightweight AC, simply circle around him, as he is often too slow and will lose lock on you; blade him from behind and continue this process to easily beat him.


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