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AC Forocus in combat.

Selfish is a Raven who appears in Armored Core: Brave New World and also as a bonus character in the Arena for Armored Core: Silent Line Portable. His rank is E-23.


A veteran Raven who remained out of the public eye up until now. Willing to accept any dirty job, his peers refer to him as "The Cleaner." Known for his brutality in the Arena, his AC is equipped with untested parts provided by a certain benefactor.


AC ForocusEdit

Selfish pilots the AC known as Forocus, a lightweight bipedal unit adapted for mid-to-close range combat. It is equipped with the FINGER machine gun, a multi-missile launcher, relation missile extensions and a laser blade. Unit is also equipped with an energy-based E.O. core to improve overall firepower. It uses OP-INTENSIFY and therefore it can also fire blade waves.


This guy can be a rather nasty foe at close range due to his weapon configuration. His FINGER+EO weapon combination can shred opponents at close range rather quickly so it is paramount that you keep away from him and avoid his attacks. His missiles also do pose a significant threat from mid-range as well, so be sure to have good anti-missile defense. His laser blade does do some damage but it's not as damaging as the MOONLIGHT. However, it is still not advised to get in close combat with him, as his FINGER machine gun can still strip off a lot of AP despite its lack of ammo.

A good way of defeating him would be to maintain a safe distance and fire away at him. Missiles also work against him as he doesn't have any anti-missile defense of any sort. Either way, for a lightweight AC, he's not too well-armored and he will fall to some heavy shots.


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