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"The Alliance Tactical Unit is preparing to seize control of a Vertex occupied airstrip."

"Once captured, this facility will enable us to better support or troops deployed in the field."

"We want you to help us eliminate the airstrip's defenses."

"An MT squad will be deployed to assist as soon as it is ready, please do what you can to keep them out of harm's way."


The WALNUT cannons are your first threat because of their grenade launchers. CR-MT85Bs aren't that much of a threat so blade them when you get the chance. ECM is active throughout the area so you can't rely on missles and the like to kill 100% of the time. By this time, your support, STARLINGs will show up along with the heavily armored CR-MT85BPs which are stronger versions of the Bs with AST Bazooka and Pulse Rifle rounds. Blade them to finish them off easily and then finally, CR-A82 bombers show up and after destroying them, the mission will end. The FCS Miroku is obtained by completing the mission without losing any MT's (S-Rank the mission).

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