Search the Facility is the thirteenth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 45000

Location: Old town area

Mission: Locate Phantasma

Mission Place: Old town area

Mission Code Name: Dead End Tube

Start Time: 1640


Information has been gathered on the whereabouts of the Phantasma
Project. It can be located in the subway area of Amber Crown.

I assume Stinger is planning on seizing the operation as well, so be
on the lookout.

Locate your target immediately and destroy it before Stinger arrives.




<Sumika>: "After you enter the area, split into two groups and investigate. Find the whereabouts of the target ASAP. We will eliminate them using your information."

<Stinger>: "So… you’ve come. Didn’t I mention that I do not like annoyances? I will never turn over Phantasma to the likes of you."

<Stinger>: "That is mine! Mine!"

<Sumika>: "I believe that this is the place. Be careful. We were too late. I cannot believe they got here before us. Go find him! We must destroy him at all costs!"


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