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Martian Superweapon's primary form Scarabaeus

Scarabaeus is the name for the first part of the final boss in Armored Core 2.



The Scarabaeus was a Disorder Unit designed by the ancient Martian race that previously inhabited Mars and was used by Leos Klein in the Phobos moon against the Raven. The unit is armed with machine gun weapon arms, six missile launcher with three mounted on each side of the ring like apparatus on the back, four energy weapons with two mounted on each side and what appears to be a bazooka on the head portion. It serves as a giant floating weapons platform and while it is very slow, this unit is capable of dealing high amounts of damage to an unsuspecting enemy. The unit is capable of hovering indefinitely by using the two giant boosters mounted in the legs. In order to lock on to this unit you need to equip a head with a bio sensor. Upon taking enough damage, this portion is shed to reveal a small and slimmer model known as the Filial.


  • Machine Gun x2
  • Missile Launcher x6
  • Energy Weapon x4
  • Bazooka x1


Scarabaeus is actually fairly weak, serving merely as a prelude for the main fight with Filial. It does fire a ton of missiles (six) per launch but it's main weakness is its huge size. Even though it does use a hover based leg design, it is extremely slow and it is rather easy to get the upper hand in this fight. Simply pound it with powerful enough weapons and it will crack, revealing Filial.


  • Name is revealed in the Armored Core 10 Works Complete File book.
  • Scarabaeus is a species of dung beetles. It was also a, now outdated, term used for art bearing the scarab beetle.


The unit only appears in the final mission of Armored Core 2 Phobos.