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Sara Angelic
General information
Affiliation and military information
Rank# 31
CraftNEXT The Blue NEXT
Conflicts activeLynx War
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
EncounteredData Arena

Sara Angelic is Lynx appearing in Armored Core 4. She is ranked 31st in the Data Arena. She is the youngest pilot on the Leonemeccanica roster, recruited for her high AMS aptitude.


Scouted and recruited by Europe's second largest military manufacturer, Leonemecannica, she served as the corporation's first test at maximizing the quality of its pilots. Much like Rosenthal's modus operandi, Leonemecannica sought to wield pilots that were fine-tuned to the corporation's style. Sara Angelic fitted this mold perfectly becoming a veteran over the course of the Lynx War. It is here where she experienced considerable success. After the war, it is suspected that she continued serving under Interior Union.


NEXT The Blue NEXTEdit


The Blue NEXT

Sara Angelic pilots a blue middleweight TELLUS model built to accommodate Leonemecannica's energy weapon focus. Its armament consists of a Melies SPICA pulse gun and ANTARES laser rifle. This is supported by dual Leone MEDUSA auto-seeking missile launchers.

Parts Edit


Sara Angelic does not appear during any of the missions in Armored Core 4.

In-Game InformationEdit

  • In-Game Biography
    • Still just a young girl, this Lynx is a test case for Leone's unique military modus. Her record suggests the test was a success.




  • The name Angelic refers to a person that is exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind.


  • The name The Blue NEXT may serve as a tribute to older TV shows such as The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers where each character was represented by a different color (The Red Ranger, The Green Ranger, etc.)

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