Safeguard Alloy Sample - Shadow Age Charging The Raven

Shadow Age charging The Raven in the second half of the mission.

Safeguard Alloy Sample is a mission in Armored Core 3.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 10000

Upon success: 20000

Operation Area: Crest Research Laboratory

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Escort the transport

Operation Code: Razzle-Dazzle

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Crest Research Lab

Start Time: 14:30

Security Level: 7

Estimated Success Rate: 39%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


We're looking for an escort to accompany one of our transports through Sector 517.

The transport is carrying a sample of a new alloy. The material is a breakthrough for weapons related development and should generate enormous profits once it goes into mass production.

Which is just as well, since the development costs were prohibitive. The alloy sample must not be intercepted on its way to our lab.

Defend the transport at all costs and make sure the sample reaches the lab.



Transport Operator: "Nice to meet you."

Transport Operator: "Uaah..."

Transport Operator: "They must be after the sample. We’ll have to fight our way in!"

Transport Operator: "Lock released."

Transport Operator: "An AC!? We’ll have to go around!"

Laine Meyers: "As long as the sample is intact. Crest asks that you continue the mission."

Laine Meyers: "Remove the sample and continue on to the objective."

Laine Meyers: "The gate is opening."

Laine Meyers: "Please wait until the first gate has closed."

Laine Meyers: "AC Grinder identified."

Transport Operator: "We made it. Good work, Raven!"


  • Transport Truck (Not a consort, but must be protected)


As the mission starts the player is tasked with defending a truck loaded with a valuable Alloy sample from hostile forces. Half a dozen bazooka carrying MTs will stand between you, the transport, and the second part of the mission. They are resistant against rockets but not much of a threat to the player, however the truck can only take two hits. The player should avoid stepping on parked cars with their AC since credits will be deducted. Also if the time is taken during the mission to observe the bridge above the area, a monorail can be seen moving through the first part of the level along the ceiling. Destroying this monorail results in a massive deduction, however it is nearly impossible to do by mistake. After defeating the first set of MT's the player escorts the transport through to the second phase of the mission.

Shortly after entering the second phase of the mission AC Grinder will make a notably impressive entrance and launch himself across the fighting area to engage the player. He will completely ignore the transport as another half dozen MT's stand between the Transport and it's destination. While the player can allow the transport to be destroyed in order to face Shadow Age with their undivided attention, defending the Transport against the MT's and dueling Grinder simultaneously makes for one of the more exhilarating missions of the game.

Depending on the player's approach and AC being used, one of two strategies can be observed. The first ignores the transport and focuses on Grinder who is likewise ignoring all else to engage the player. He will fearlessly advance almost to the point of stupidity completely ignoring all damage as he desperately and fanatically pursues a close range engagement. Circle strafe to avoid the rockets with a little effort and keep enough distance to avoid the breach blade. Mop up the remaining MTs after. The transport will be destroyed if this path is taken.

The other option involves taking some damage. The player will literally have to place themselves between a rocket and bazooka in order to save the transport. Do whatever damage to Grinder possible before the Transport attempts the long way around, but get into the path in front quickly because the transport will immediately be bombarded with explosives after making the turn. Use your AC to shield the transport and destroy the first three MTs along the route who will go to extreme lengths to take out the transport. Shadow Age will probably be attempting to kill you the entire time. He has a habit of getting lost near the entrance if you are moving too fast. Depending on the build you can take out Grinder with high powered weaponry. He will not attempt to dodge, but if your AC can't take a beating, defeating Grinder will be a priority. The Transport will continue to move slowly so the second set of three MT's are not as great of a threat as they are out int he open and quite literally at the end of the road.

The CEBT-HEX Extension part can be unlocked during this mission. To unlock the part, guard the truck as it makes its way to its destination.


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