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General information
Japanese Nameサーダナ/ア
Romaji NameSādana
NicknameThe Wizard of Eqbal
Affiliation and military information
RankOriginal # 2
CraftNEXT Atman
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
EncounteredEgo Boost
Data Arena
Voice actorChris Edgerly (US)
"So my journey ends half-way..."
— Sadhana in Ego Boost

Sadhana is a Lynx appearing in Armored Core 4. He is ranked as the #2 Original and is Eqbal's champion more formally known as "The wizard of Eqbal". Sadhana has become infamous for his three dimensional aerial fighting style that is difficult for enemies to counter or defend against. Ambivalent as a result of his past experiences, he approaches battles from a very technical and strategic perspective. His craft, Atman is able to move through the air with agility and deal a fair amount of damage in a short amount of time.


Sadhana is an Original who first fought in the National Dismantlement War. It is here where he developed his skills as a Lynx pilot. It is also at this time that he most likely befriended Oldking, the leader of Liliana an armed rebel group. This suggests that at a younger age Sadhana had respected anti-establishment groups. After surviving the war, Sadhana's skills were recognized by Eqbal and he became its leading NEXT pilot. His name grew to the point to where he had been given the opportunity to lead Eqbal's legendary Bharat Squadron.


  • Ego Boost
    • "You're the talk of the town these days. I expect you to live up to that."
    • "Don't overdo it... You're full of openings."
    • "Here I thought you showed promise. Just wishful thinking... What a shame."
    • (Upon Victory)"Looks like my expectations were misplaced. You've got a long way to go."
    • "This battle is meaningless."
    • "Is this possible? This is new... Intriguing."
    • (Upon Defeat)"So my journey ends halfway..."


Sadhana appears quite calm and collected when facing off against the Mercenary. This is best portrayed through his ambivalent approach to their fight, choosing to examine and critique the Mercenary's fighting style and skill. Rather than fighting actively and aggressively, he chooses to follow an unorthodox and calculated form of combat.

NEXT AtmanEdit

NEXT Atman

NEXT Atman

Atman is a SAUBEES NEXT model. It is armed with an IBLIS heavy shotgun, an AZAN assault rifle, and an Omer scatter missile. Taking advantage of the low energy drain of his NEXT, Sadhana engages in a unique 3-dimensional combat style to confuse and destroy his opponents.



Sadhana appears as an enemy in Hard Mode during the mission Ego Boost. He is defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary who had been protecting a nearby aerial transport.

In-Game InformationEdit

The Wizard of Eqbal who pilots a reverse-joint leg AC. Both mathematician and zealot, his fighting style defies all understanding at times, making it difficult to counter.



  • Both Sadhana and Atman are Hindu/Buddhist concepts. They refer to "Means to attain something" and "Self", respectively.