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Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Algebra
Generator: GN-JUDITH
Right Arm Unit: MBURUCUYA
Left Arm Unit: VANDA
Right Back Unit: CP-48
Chronological Info
Eras Active:
  • National Dismantlement War
  • LYNX War
  • Economic War


The SOLUH (also known as SALAF or SALAUX) is a standard NEXT design created by Eqbal, later known as Algebra. Built with emphasis on speed, the SOLUH is a lightweight model with high mobility and good close range capability. However, it suffers from high energy consumption, low AP, and low defense ratings. These particular pros and cons make this particular NEXT best suited for the more experienced pilots. The most notable user of this NEXT is probably Maghrib Liberation Front's Amazigh, the Desert Wolf, the iconic hero of White Africa.


Quite unlike several other Companies in the aftermath of the National Dismantlement War, Eqbal firmly believes in the power of combined force assault and often had their NEXT model work alongside specialized Normal units, especially alongside Bharat Squadron. One of the main reason is the design of the NEXT employed by Eqbal which, while fully capable for solo operations like other NEXTs, are geared towards matching the performance of Eqbal's existing Normals as to provide a formidable tip-of-the-spear shock force and/or backup when needed. That NEXT is the SOLUH.

SOLUH (formerly SALAF, also known as SALAUX) was a NEXT developed by Eqbal to meet the challenge mounted by the rise of Armored Core NEXTs and their vastly superior armament and defenses against Normals. Thanks to Eqbal's doctrine in maintaining a lightweight, fast-moving forces combined with Eqbal's vast mass-production resources, the SOLUH was built according to the same criteria applied to Eqbal's Normal unit, the SELJQ: high maneuverability, ability to accept Eqbal-built close range weapons, versatility, and easy maintenance. The finished unit resembled the SELJQ too much that the same criticism to GA's GAN01-SUNSHINE was leveled against it, that the SOLUH is just an upscaled SELJQ. Despite so, the criticism soon wore off due to the high degree of efficiency with which the SOLUH carried out its missions alongside its Normal allies.

The SOLUH had a much lighter weight than most NEXTs developed at the time (barring Omer Science Technology's TYPE-JUDITH or the experimental TYPE-HOLOFERNES), which resulted in its tremendous maneuverability. Furthermore, the Rosenthal-supplied CB-RACHEL booster and Omer-developed ultracompact GN-JUDITH generator was lightweight and strong enough to power the machine, thanks to its very low energy requirement for its weight class. A unique design trait to the SOLUH (and indeed, subsequent models developed by Eqbal and later Algebra) is its astoundingly high Armor Point at the expense to its lower than average defenses. The NEXT's arm parts feature one of the highest maneuverability while sacrificing aiming precision; a not too unwise decision considering its close-combat niche. Its set armament of Eqbal-manufactured machineguns, shotguns, pilebunker and Technocrat-built rockets gave the SOLUH almost unparallelled advantage in solid-shell CQB, further supported by Omer's FS-JUDITH close combat Fire Control System. Of course, inherent in the disadvantages of a lightweight is its low defense and indeed, SOLUH struggles to survive against another NEXT in one-on-one battles. Therefore, SOLUH uses Eqbal's widely-used strategy of overwhelming the target with large numbers of units to survive.

The SOLUH, despite its shortfalls, continue to serve long until the Lynx War. Its reputation continues to be untarnished even when SOLUH units were no longer used by the time of the Economic War, sidelined by Algebra's latest units. It is still however one of the more affordable lightweight units and its easy maintenance continue to find itself favorites of cash-strapped but skilled Lynxes looking for a maneuverable combat machine.

NEXT UsersEdit

Anil Hassan, Carrion Crow
K.K., Liver Drive
Amazigh, Barbaroi
Do Su, Starka

SOLUH in AC4Edit

10-4-2010 3-34-11 PM

SALAUX as it appears in Armored Core 4

In Armored Core 4, the SOLUH is the main NEXT type used by Eqbal as well as Technocrat. The basic design includes a back mounted rocket launcher, a short range machine gun, and a shot gun.



SOLUH, as seen in Armored Core: For Answer loading screen

By the time of ACFA, almost all of Eqbal's (now Algebra) SOLUH Lynx have been destroyed as a result of the Lynx War. The only remaining user of a "pure" SOLUH design is Do Su, a Lynx working for Technocrat. The SOLUH is no longer offered as a starting unit, but selecting Omer Science as a sponsor and completing missions for them quickly unlocks the SOLUH, and since it uses Omer/Rosenthal parts, the schematic is easy to complete.

Trivia Edit

  • The Soluh is the type of NEXT present in the Armored Core 4 test mode
  • It's the most mobile starter AC



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