The SOLDNER-G8C is an Aldra core part that appeared in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part DescriptionEdit

Aldra's first original frame. An extremely heavy armored core part.

ACFA part review:

Tied with argyros for the best overall defense in the game. It's PA durability is greater that Argyros, allowing it to take more machine gun fire, even though Argyros has greater overall defenses. This makes it an amazing heavy core, and it can sometimes come to preference between this and Argyros.

Part StatisticsEdit

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 RegulationsEdit

  • Part Type: Core
  • Weight Class: Heavyweight
  • Manufacturer: Aldra
  • Price: 160000c
  • Weight: 3655
  • EN Cost: 2418
  • AP: 16150
  • AC Defense (Average): 3182
  • Ballistic Defense: 3654
  • EN Defense: 2711
  • PA Rectification: 6575
  • PA Durability: 230
  • Stability: 519


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