The STAI Battleship is a gigantic weapon seen in Armored Core 2.

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View of the STAI Battleship with transport ships as size comparison.


Created by the Balena corporation, the STAI Battleship is a colossal unit with enough firepower destroy the entire planet. It was captured by Leos Klein and the Frighteners and was used in order to get close to Phobos. Its final fate is unknown. Although it was probably destroyed or captured by the Earth Government. It is here that Boyle is defeated by the Raven who infiltrates the ship. The colossal battleship is armed with at least four giant grenade launcher turrets, four giant machine gun turrets and six turrets only seen in the inside of the ship. Although due to its immense size it can be assumed that it mounts many more weapons. The inside also houses many forms Disorder Units. Zikade, Biene and Sauterelle are seen inside. Leos Klein is also defeated by the Raven in his own personal AC here, but he manages to escape to Phobos somehow.


  • 10+ Grenade Launchers
  • 10+ Machine Gun Turrets


The STAI Battleship only appears in the mission Infiltrate STAI Battleship. As the mission name already says the Raven infiltrates the Battleship and fights Boyle and Leos Klein inside. Brazen is the only other Raven that manages to get inside but is either killed by the Disorder Units or Boyle.