General information
Affiliation and military information
Global Armaments
Rank# 36 -> Collared # 4
CraftNEXT Feedback
Conflicts activeLynx War
Economic War
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
EncounteredData Arena
Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons
Occupation of Arteria Carpals
"This is GA's NEXT, Feedback reporting. I've heard all about you, Lynx. Carry out this mission as you see fit. Don't worry about this old bastard here."
— Roadie in Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons

Roadie is a Lynx first appearing in Armored Core 4 and later in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #36 in the Data Arena, moving up the ranks to be #4 in Collared. Despite starting off with a low AMS aptitude and being shown little respect, his actions have proved his worth. He has moved up the ranks to be considered one of The League's core Lynx pilots. He is well-respected and known for his affiliation with GA America.


Roadie started off as a new pilot just before the onset of the Lynx War. Flying an older craft with a rough-cut combat style, many viewed his success as being limited. He became affiliated with Global Armaments where he began to develop his experience and skills. Surviving the Lynx War, Roadie quickly moved up the ranks to be considered one of The League's most valued pilots. While still a member of GA America, he began communicating with the other top pilots, Wynne D. Fanchon, Otsdarva, and Wong Shao Lung.


  • Defeat The Spirit of Motherwill
  • Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons
    • "This is GA's NEXT, Feedback reporting. I've heard all about you, Lynx. Carry out this mission as you see fit. Don't worry about this old bastard here."
    • "Ah, new model Kojima weaponry eh? Not the fastest attack, but a few hits can be fatal. Take care to evade them."
    • "These guys never change."
    • "But, anti-satellite batteries? It's hard not to question what's going on here..."
    • "It's been a while since I've had a challenge like this. Never thought I'd get banged up this much. I have to pull out, sorry. Don't get caught like I did."
  • Occupation of Arteria Carpals
    • "Well, it is what it is. Your actions were clearly deliberate. There's no point in trying to reason with you."
    • "Too bad. Such a waste of young talent."


Despite (or because of) his considerable experience and skill, Roadie seems to be a laid-back, fairly humble pilot, showing respect for Strayed and his abilities. During the mission Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons, he tells Strayed to lead the assault however he sees fit, saying "pay no mind to this old bastard here." He also comments on the opposing NEXT's Kojima-based weaponry with a casual familiarity and shows consideration in warning the player character of the threat they pose. If his AC sustains enough damage he calmly remarks on the challenge the enemy forces pose as an -apparently somewhat welcome- change of pace.

He also shares a similar, if less pronounced, sense of honor and humanity as Wynne D. Fanchion, pilot of NEXT Reiterpallach, as shown by his willingness to join forces with the diverse team aiming to eliminate Strayed should he choose to follow Old King's genocidal rampage down the Destruction path. If Roadie defeats the player during Occupation of Arteria Carpals, he calls the player's death "such a waste of young talent," further reinforcing the respect Roadie has -or had- for Strayed's abilities.

NEXT FeedbackEdit

ACFA roadie

NEXT Feedback

Roadie's NEXT, Feedback is a heavyweight SUNSHINE model focused on producing heavy firepower. It does so through its dual GAN01-SS-AW bazooka arms and back-mounted VERMILLION01 and POPLAR01 missile launchers. While a heavyweight unit with lesser mobility, the craft shines under Roadie's piloting skill.



NEXT Feedback Schematic in Armored Core 4


He can be hired as a consort in Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons , taking 50% of mission completion compensation. He can also be found as a potential enemy during Occupation of Arteria Carpals. During this battle, he fights alongside Otsdarva, Lilium Wolcott, Wynne D. Fanchon, and Kasumi Sumika (Hard Mode).

He plays an important role throughout the events of Armored Core: For Answer as one of The League's main Lynx pilots.

In-Game InformationEdit

  • In-Game Biography
    • Armored Core 4
      • Another rough-cut LYNX in the vein of Unite Mons. A match for only a small squadron of Normals, his style involves complete dependence on his AC's firepower and armor.
    • Armored Core: For Answer
      • An experienced pilot who continues to pilot an outdated craft armed with bazookas. He makes up for a low AMS aptitude with battle experience. He is one of the few survivors from the Lynx War and one of GA's top Lynx.


Roadie becomes one of the 3 chosen consorts on 'Attack Anti-Satellite cannons' Taking 50% of the pay-offs in the aftermath of the mission, Roadie has the fire-power needed to take down Neo Nidus due to the Bazooka Arms dealing a massive amount of damage in addition to the amount of stunned, especially for a heavy-Biped AC. However, since most of enemies are made up of energy based offense Roadie will not survive much longer on the battlefield and will retreat from the combat zone. the high chances are; Roadie will not even stay long enough to help you take down Neo if being aimed at both sides from the Cannons, and Neos heavy Energy artillery. If insisting on keeping him alive to kill Neos quicker, the Cannons and the Normals must be taken down. if otherwise, Stiletto should be highly recommended for the mission in terms of prolonged support, due to the high energy resistant even Neo's Assault armor cannons does little to her AP, but still does more damage than the over-all weaponry the enemy carries with the exception of the 00-ARETHA.


Since Roadie's NEXT uses cannon arms and missile, the best way to avoid being completely decimated would be using cannon arms and high speed missiles. This would then stun him, preventing him from unleashing a rain of missiles on you, and also do a great deal of damage. You also quick boost a lot to avoid the missiles that he gets a chance to fire.


Use twin SIRIUS cannons or any other HI laser cannons to quickly demolish his AP and make short work of him

if you are the heavy assault type you could make a machine that utilities both arm and back gatling cannons and stay at long range (use a long radar FCS system) and barrage him with all the ammo you use. Make sure to equip two blades as you back up weapons otherwise you are in a world of hurt as your sole relying weapon would be your machines assault armor.



  • The name Roadie can refer to a person employed by a touring band of musicians to set up and maintain equipment. This is supported by the dual electric guitars on Roadie's emblem. This serves as a strong indicator of an interest in rock music.
  • The word Feedback, the name of Roadie's NEXT refers to the rumbling, whining, or whistling sound resulting from an amplified or broadcast signal that has been returned as input and re-transmitted.


  • Roadie's NEXT, Feedback (a GAN01-SUNSHINE-E), is one of several Armored Core NEXTs to have a Kotobukiya model kit based on its design.