Rescue the Allies is the third mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Unknown

Reward: 35000

Location: Loop Line Junction

Mission: Capture the transport vehicle in the center

Mission Place: Loop Line "45 Angle" Junction

Mission Code Name: Snatch Mission

Start Time: 1120


Conduct a rescue operation. Your target will be brought through Amber
Crown at Loop Line Angle Junction. Save the target at all costs.

The enemy convoy consists of three vehicles and a couple of MT guard
tanks. Destroy the convoy, but save the transport that contains our

We will take care of things after that. Good Luck.



<Communication interception>: "Target confirmed. Intercept now!"

<Communication>: "All the traps we set have been destroyed. Useless!"

<Communication>: "This is a warning! Leave the premises immediately! You cannot hope to defeat Stinger!"

<Stinger>: "Listen, I don't like annoyances."



  • Stinger appears in a cutscene for the first time upon completing the mission and is not fought in this mission.
  • In order to complete the mission you have to destroy all 5 Ogre units and 2 Taurus vehicle only leaving the Taurus vehicle in the middle.

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