Remove Bridge Defenders is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Evangel

Operation Area: Ruga Tunnel

Objective: Eliminate the enemy defenders

Reward: 60000c


"This is the Alliance Tactical Unit commander, Evangel."

"I'd like your help securing a vital transport route on the southern edge of Ruga Canyon."

"We have to move quickly, there's not much time left before Vertex launches their attack."

"The transport route will be useless to us if it is damaged; please exercise caution when removing those defending it."


This mission is extremely easy as long as you know how to fly and have a good enough booster and generator combo. Most will work out okay but the BIRDIE2 are always effective due to their balance. The biggest threat are actually from the sniper MTs which can deal some good damage. They are easy to kill though and after they're gone, the OSTRICH H models aren't too much of a problem. The way to the second part of the map is directly across from the starting position with the sniper MT on the other side, it's best to take that one out first. They can easily be bladed. The OSTRICHs are only troublesome with their maneuverability and aren't a problem with only a rifle. After they're gone, the mission is complete.


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