Remove Base Occupants

One of the underwater hallways passed through during the mission.

Remove Base Occupants is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Boss Savage

Advance: 35000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Undersea Base Off Agrea Island

Enemy forces: Auto Guard MTs

Conditions for success: Destroy all enemy forces

Briefing Edit

Wadj say youse helps me out wid a li'l job I'd taken. I tink I'm over my head on dis one.

Ya see, it's at the bottom a' da sea. Yeah, an abandoned undersea base northeast a' Agrea. I wuz supposed ta get rid a' all a' the guys who'd moved in.

Dey sez it wuz an easy job, so I takes it. But deez guys are weird. Ya take 'em down but dey keep comin' back. Nuttin' to do but get outa dere, but I can't just leave it.

Pay ya 35000 C for da job. Can't tell ya who I'm really workin' for. Look, I'm given' ya all I should a' been paid. All in advance.

Dis time its not just fer da money. I gots me a reputation to keep. Anyone who can fight'll do. I'll be waitin'.

Enemies Edit



Boss Savage: This base is certain to have secrets. Split up into two groups and search.

Boss Savage: ...I've locked the doors to this room. Sorry, but killing you is my mission. I will take my leave now.



  • Boss Savage appears in the opening cutscene of the mission.
  • Do not let the briefing fool you, this mission is a trap. You don't actually need to destroy a single MT to complete it.
  • There is a breakable wall in the room that you are trapped in.
  • The escape pod can be seen in the last room.

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