Recover Ship Cargo is a mission in Armored Core 3.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 31000

Operation Area: Arctic Research Vessel Ostrica

Enemy Forces: MTs

Objective: Retrieve the cargo capsule

Operation Code: Saw Pit

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Research Vessel

Start Time: 16:00

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 40%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


Our Arctic research vessel, Ostrica, experienced fatal hull failure after an onboard mishap. The Ice floes are crushing the vessel and she is slowly sinking into the depths.

The ship's crew evacuated, but there wasn't enough time to offload all the cargo. The most important of which, a capsule, remains onboard.

We sent a recovery team to retrieve it, but the ship's predicament and the fact that the security system is still going operational, thwarted their efforts.

It's not clear how long the ship will remain afloat, but an attempt must be made to retrieve the capsule.

We'll also pay additional fees for destroying any of the less important cargo still onboard. It's unlikely any of it will ever fall into the wrong hands, but we don't like taking chances.



Laine Meyers:You should be able to gain access here.

Laine Meyers:Move fast, we don’t know how long the ship will stay afloat.

Ship Announcement:Intruder detected. Bringing all security elements online.

Laine Meyers:Target recovered. Get out of there!

Laine Meyers:The strain on the hull is intensifying. Find the capsule!

Laine Meyers:Raven, the ship is starting to break up.




Note: Try to ignore many of the enemies you come across as this is mission is about speed.

Shoot the control mechanism on the floor gate and drop down, proceeding through the linear hallway path to its end. Reach the end of the hallway and drop again (larger drop). You should find yourself facing the entrance to a large warehouse room full of boxes. Turn around and drop once more into another open area. There will be only one path outwards into the open room. Drop down from where you are walking and turn 180 degrees to another open floor gate.

Upon landing, you will find yourself in another hallway. Walk to the end and drop down. Fall all the way to the bottom. You should see two holes in one of the walls leading to alternate paths. After reaching the bottom, fly back up to the first hole and go across the hallway. You will find yourself in another large warehouse room. Go across it, sticking to the right side. Boost up from the floor to find another hole in the wall path. Drop all the way to the bottom. The hallway you land in should have a damaged wall close to where you landed. Run across the small path and through the water.

Go through the doors, pass the small control room and then another set of doors. Follow a long and winding corridor to an engine room.

Here, you will have two paths, one that goes across (mission route) and one on the left (hidden part route). Proceed down the left doors for the hidden MWG-SBZ/24 part. Follow the path through the next set of doors and open room. Proceed through the doors on the opposite side from where you entered all the way to another warehouse room. On the far left, bottom corner of the room, you should find the part.

Backtrack to the engine room and turn left to continue to the mission. Go through the doors to access another warehouse room. Strafe left and then move forward towards another set of doors. Follow the long hallway to its very end. The ship should start falling apart by this point. Grab the part, turn and begin backtracking all the way past the engine room. The route to this point is straightforward with no turns or jumps.

You will find yourself again at the ruined wall and the only route leading up. Begin flying up all the way. You'll find yourself in a warehouse, box room. Go across and enter the hole in the wall. At this point, the rest of the route involves proceeding upwards at every crossroads.