Recover Meteorite is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: R&G Industries

Reward: 38000

Theater of operations: North Heaven's Rock Supply Point No. 8

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

Mission Area: North Heaven's Rock

Mission Scene: Supply Point No. 8

Safety Level: 45


The requester is R&G Industries. This mission pertains to the anticipated
impact of a meteor with our planet.

The meteor's existence has long been known, but it wasn't until just recently that a discovery was made indicating that the meteor may contain rare minerals.

R&G Industries would like to recover the meteor, but there is a problem. Several of their competitors also want possession of it and are willing to fight for ownership.

Your mission objective is to eliminate any units, sent by R&G's competitors, intent on retrieving the
meteor. You must not allow it to fall into their hands.


Recover Meteorite - Inky

Inky boosting to fight The Raven.


[Lana Nielsen]: "Approach the target area once the meteor’s impact is confirmed."

[Lana Nielsen]: "It’s here!"

[Lana Nielsen]: "Unidentified units approaching... destroy them all."

[???]: "He won... just as I expected."

[Lana Nielsen]: "AC identification verified. Its Regulon, a member of the Sub-Arena. This enemy AC’s strength is its rapid fire capability. Stay out of its line of fire as much as possible."

[Lana Nielsen]: "Well done, your mission is complete. The rest is up to the recovery units. Return to base."



  • The opening cutscene of the mission shows the meteors impact on the planet.

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