Recover Data Capsules is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Recover Data Capsules

One of the data capsules.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000

Operation Area: Conservation Area

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Recover all data capsules

Operation Code: Shower Bath

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Conservation Area

Start Time: 17:30

Security Level: 2

Estimated Success Rate: 32%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


One of our advanced teams attacked and destroyed a Union transport helicopter during a scouting mission is Sector 615.

While searching the wreckage they discovered a data capsule containing intriguing information relating to Union activities.

The scout team only recovered the one capsule, but claim there are still others scattered about. Head to the area and find the rest before Union does.

So you know, Sector 615 is overgrown with thick vegetation and visibility there is poor, even under the best conditions.

Keep a sharp lookout, Raven.



Laine Meyers:Enemy forces detected in the vicinity. Get moving!

Enemy Captain:All units, keep the AC away from those capsules!

Enemy Soldier:Roger.

Laine Meyers:All data capsules retrieved. The transport should arrive shortly, but in this weather...

Transport Pilot:Raven, we’re having trouble finding your AC. Stand by until we locate your position.

Transport Pilot:The rain is letting up...we’re moving in. Thanks for waiting. Let’s get you of here.


Funds: 14,000c



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