Recover Capsules is a mission in Armored Core.

Synopsis Edit

Requested by: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 30000

Theater of operations: Murakumo Human Plus Lab

Enemy forces: Fighting Machines

Conditions for success: Recover the capsules

Briefing Edit

We want you to break into an abandoned facility that was used by Murakumo in the initial stages of their Human Plus development. It was left after a fire several years ago.

The Human Plus technologies were supposedly developed by Murakumo but nothing has been released publicly about the initial stages of research, so many mysteries remain.

Our surveys so far have not turned up much information. However, we received strange reports from a survey team recently dispatched to the abandoned facility.

Parts of the facility are said to be operating even now and strange capsules have been placed in the furthest most room.

Upon trying to recover the capsules, the team was attacked by fighting machines that they had never seen before. They could not fight back and failed to recover the capsules.

Your mission is to recover those capsules. We have no idea about their significance, but they might give us an advantage over Murakumo. We are counting on you.

Enemies Edit


Announcement: Emergency announcement: intruder confirmed inside the facility, security forces prepare to engage.


The capsule is in the deepest, most creepy sector of the "abandoned" facility. There are several misleading trails that only bring on more confusion (if an auto mapping system is not readily available). I can not stress this part enough: when you get to the capsule, make sure you are ABSOLUTELY still when you press you blade button, or you will destroy the capsule with your blade and fail the mission after going through about half an hour of random clangs and what sounds like a young Japanese boy speaking the same 3 phrases over and over again in a random order.

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