Recapture Storage Site is mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Vertex

Operation Area: Walter Material Storage Site

Objective: Eliminate all invaders

Reward: 88000c


"Alliance Tactical Unit forces have attacked the material storage site operated by our organization."

"This facility is a primary source of our military supply needs and is also directly linked to our headquarters."

"Head to the facility and clear out all enemy forces you encounter."

"If by chance you are able to locate their commander, make the elimination of this target your priority. You'll be well compensated for your efforts."

"Good Luck."


The mission starts with you in a room (where Omega/AC Clownface is waiting beyond the door in the Secure the Terminal mission as a boss). Open the door and 2 OWL MTs will greet you (OWL MTs can cause ECM jams and problems). Destroy the 2 OWls and progress through where you will be greeted by a Napalm-Grenade spitting MT (the MTs found in the ACLR introductory video that Zinaida's AC destroys). Just progress and if you destroy all the enemies, you will be informed that the commander is still around. Open the door and go to a door in the left hallway and the Commander's BP MT and B MTs will greet you. The BP has an AST Bazooka and with the 2 B MTs they can bazooka you when your stunned and cause you the game over. Destroy the BP first, blade it if you have a blade and once the BP is destroyed, mop up the B MTs and you're done.


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