Ravens Ark
Ravens' Ark
General information
NicknameThe Ark
Current statusDisbanded
Affiliation and corporate information
Notable membersJack-O
Owned locationsArena
Conflicts activeNavis conflict
Notable battlesAttack of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons
Real world information
UniverseAC3 Universe
First appearedArmored Core: Nexus
Appears inArmored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Nine Breaker
Armored Core: Last Raven

The Ravens' Ark was an organization that acted as the hub for all Raven activity. Before its destruction, the Ark used to employ and manage almost all Ravens. By the time of Armored Core: Nexus, administration of the Ark had been transferred to Jack-O. The Ark's sole contingency on membership was that it would act as arbitrator for all agreements between the Ravens and the corporations, likely a measure put in place by the fiercely anti-corporate Jack-O to prevent undue interference on the part of the major corporate groups.


The Ark stood on equal footing with the corporations and was thereby able to guarantee Ravens their independence. The organization ceased to exist after the attack launched by the Unmanned Suicide Weapons, as its leader Jack-O believed that the unification of the major corporate groups into the Alliance would rob the group of its hard-won independence. He would use much of its infrastructure as a foundation for Vertex during its earliest days, also taking with him a large number (around 40-50 percent) of the member Ravens with him.


  • It is similar in concept to Raven organizations from previous games such as the Ravens' Nest and Global Cortex.
  • Crow, Bolt, and Jack-O are some of the only members from Nexus to have survived the Attack of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons.

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