Raven Test

The Raven with Apple Boy at the start of the game

Raven Test is the first mission of Armored Core 3.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 0

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Trene City

Enemy Forces: MT (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

Operation Code: Black Feather

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: Trene City

Start Time: 20:00

Security Level: 5

Estimated Success Rate: 85%

Recommended Raven Rank: D


Raven Test - The Raven & Apple Boy

Apple Boy and The Raven preparing to enter the combat zone.

We here at Global Cortex are responsible for testing AC pilots hoping to become Ravens.

The testing involves actual combat, and in this case, you must defeat a small force occupying positions in the city.

What we're looking for, are pilots able to think on their feet and adjust quickly to changing conditions. Good luck.



Evaluator:We’re nearly there. I’ll go over the mission one more time. Your objective is to eliminate all forces occupying the city. The targets are battle MTs. Complete the mission, and you’ll be registered as a Raven. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t blow it. Entering the area of operations. Move out.

Apple Boy:I’ll do my best!

Evaluator:The red line on your radar indicates the operation’s perimeter. Cross it, and you’ve abandoned the mission.

Evaluator:Transport plane detected. They’re sending in backup. This isn’t part of the scheduled test, but you’ll have to manage.

Apple Boy:Last one!

Apple Boy:I’m on your side!

Apple Boy:(If Defeated)Arrgh!!

Evaluator:All enemy units destroyed. You did well. You both performed well, welcome to the ranks of an elite few...Ravens.

Evaluator:(If Apple Boy is Defeated)AC-2 destroyed. AC-1, you’re on your own.!!

Evaluator:(If Apple Boy is Defeated)All enemy units destroyed. Not bad for a newcomer. You’ve shown potential, welcome to the fold Raven.


Funds: 0c


Upon starting the mission, immediately move forward and exchange fire with the More MT ahead. Upon destroying the enemy, proceed a little further and turn right destroying the enemies along the route. You could use the buildings for some coverage, however this is not necessary given the small threat the enemies pose. Side strafing is usually just as effective as the enemies will have trouble hitting you. Move forward down the highway and turn right to face a few additional enemies. If you defeat all of them quickly under half a minute, a few Sukutamu Form D MTs will arrive to attack you. Boost up to the elevated bridge nearby and follow it down towards the enemy radar signatures. If you move quickly, you will see the enemy MTs falling out of the sky. Take out the Sukutamu that lands on the bridge and then destroy the other two MTs below. These take a few more shots to bring down, however they don't pose a significant challenge.


  • This mission is impossible to skip.
  • There is no mission briefing when Raven Test takes place at the start of the game,
  • If you have defeated at least half of the MTs within under 30 seconds, MT reinforcements will arrive.
  • It is possible for Apple Boy to be killed in this mission. Regardless, he will be still listed in the Arena with his improved AC.

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