Raid the Laboratory is the fourth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Unknown

Reward: 34000

Location: Enemy laboratory

Mission: Rescue the target prisoner

Mission Place: Laboratory

Mission Code Name: Rendezvous

Start Time: 0820


We have located the area where the prisoner is being held. We request
that you plan on a rescue mission.

The prisoner we must rescue is being held in an enemy laboratory.

Destroy the power supply and then take advantage of the ensuing
confusion to rescue the prisoner.

After completing the rescue, heard for the upper section of the lab
and escape in the lightweight plane we have stashed there.




<Stinger>: "I guess my warning did not deter you. You are becoming a nuisance."

<Stinger>: "I will go now. Remember that we are not yet finished."

<Announcement>: "Defect detected in the power system. Emergency power on."

<Announcement>: "Some sections are unlocked during system-wide emergencies."

<Communication interception>: "To all security personnel: The test subject has hijacked a battle rig in the third sector. All units pursue!"

<Communication interception>: "Repeat! Test subject has hijacked, a battle rig. All units surround the third sector!"

<Communication>: "Please respond! We need immediate assistance!"

<Communication>: "No time for introductions now. We must escape!"

<Announcement>: "We have confirmed that the power is back on-line. All system have been reset."

<Communication>: "We cannot delay. Let’s go now!" <Communication interception>: "We have confirmed that the invader and test subject are in the elevator. We will be closing the Catapult’s main hatch, all workers have one minute to evacuate."

<Communication>: "Come on! We must hurry!"

<Communication>: "There it is! Get in immediately!"

<Communication>: "Too late. This is it."

<Sumika>: "Thank you for your assistance. I am Sumika, I am the one who requested the rescue mission."

<Sumika>: "I am a Raven in Amber Crown. I was captured during my mission."

<Sumika>: "I’ve heard they are developing an advanced weapon system, but not what type. We do know they’re called the [Doomsday Organization], but have very little on their Project Phantasma. They are researching how to combine computer technology with the human brain. Of course, they have no idea what the end result will be. I was almost their first test subject. We cannot leave things as they are. I will stop them even though it’s not really my job. I want you to assist me. I need a strong partner, so you’re it. This will be your next mission."



  • Sumika appears for the first time in this mission.
  • No matter how much damage she takes Sumikas Battle Rig cannot be destroyed.
  • The airplane is your escape route.

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