The RAIJIN is a left arm unit part that appeared in Armored Core: Nexus and later in both Armored Core: Nine Breaker and Armored Core: Last Raven.

Part Description Edit

Modified FUHJIN design featuring enhanced attack power.

Part StatisticsEdit

  • Part Type: Left Arm Weapon
  • Manufacturer: Kisaragi
  • Type: Laser Blade
  • Price: 70,000c
  • Weight: 283
  • Energy Drain: 276
  • Attack Power: 1,664
  • Discharge Heat: 1,815
  • Attack Heat: 6,204
  • Range: -
  • Usage Drain: 6,410


This part can be found in the Safeguard Escape Route mission. Destroy the yellow vehicle to the left, it will drop the part.

Trivia Edit

This part shares the name with the Raijin.

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