Pursue Withdrawing MT is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit

Operation Area: Walter Material Storage Site

Objective: Pursue the withdrawing MT

Reward: 80000c

Mission SummaryEdit

The objective of this mission is to take advantage of what appears to be a Vertex trap in order to investigate one of their facilities.

Follow the withdrawing forces.

Ed Weisz


"We'd like you to investigate Vertex's material storage site."

"The facility is connected to Vertex headquarters, so it came as quite a surprise when we learned that forces stationed there were being withdrawn."

"The reason for doing so isn't clear, but it might be an attempt to lure us into a trap."

"The possibility is a concern, but now is probably our best chance to conduct a survey."

"Once inside the facility, follow the withdrawing Vertex forces and gather what information you can. Proceed with caution, Raven."



Sheila:The client wants you to have a look around.

Sheila:Follow the enemy MT and see where it leads you.

MT Pilot:You've walked right into a trap, Raven!

MT Pilot:Why me...!?

Jack-O:Their true strength can't be gauged from this...

Sheila:The survey is complete, mission successful.

Shelia':That was Jack's AC... What's going on?

Shelia:Maybe Ed knows something... Let's head back.

Situation ReportEdit

Based on what happened during the assignment, I think it's fair to say that Jack-O was trying to get a feel for your capabilities.

You could have been in a lot of trouble had he decided to attack. I wonder why he didn't take the opportunity?

Ed Weisz



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