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This is the second Pulverizer Path in the game and is much harder than the other path. While it starts off easy, it quickly ramps up in difficulty quickly with two two on one AC missions. Also it is notable that all Pulverizers are encountered save for the "final boss" Pulverizers, the Super Models, make an appearance as bosses. They are, in order, Tank, Quad, Bipedal, Hover and Aerial. The missions for this path are as follows. (NOTE this aren't the exact names).

  • 8:00 Destroy Military Base 0c
  • 10:00 Escort Allied MT 80,000c
  • 12:00 Eliminate the Enemy AC 129,000c
  • 14:00 Battle Challenge 0c
  • 16:00 Destroy The Control Towers 80,000c
  • 17:00 Destroy Transport Convoy 0c
  • 18:00 Eliminate Enemy Patrols 138,000c
  • 19:00 Destroy The ECM Devices 74,000c
  • 20:00 Shutdown Energy Plant 112,000c
  • 22:00 Protect Warlord's Forces 128,000
  • 0:00 Destroy Transport Train 108,000c
  • 2:00 Defeat the Invading Force 168,000c
  • 3:00 Attack The Advancing Force 0c
  • 4:00 Destroy AC Heaven's Ray 165,000c
  • 5:00 Shutdown Internecine 0c

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