Basically the energy equivalent of the handgun, Pulse Rifles are energy weapons seen in the Armored Core games. There is also the larger and more powerful Pulse Canon, which is also covered here.


This weapon is lightweight and fires unique sphere projectiles, typically dealing low amounts of damage with moderate to high ammo capacities. They are often considered a midway point between the laser rifle and machine gun although they share an appearance more akin to a handgun.

In Armored Core 4 and For Answer they become a lot weaker but fast firing much like the original pulse rifle. Unlike in previous games, there are only two or three models availalble, two arm weapons and one back.


The most basic version is the Pulse Rifle. Absolutely powerful in the original Armored Core games, it has been toned down but every now and then models come up, like the ROC4, which allow it to be considered a front line weapon rather than more of a backup. While it doesn't have the stun or heat of a standard handgun, the Pulse Rifle frequently has either larger ammo capacity or higher attack to compensate.

The Pulse Cannon serves as a stronger version of the Pulse Rifle and has never become weakened, like the other weapons. It is very effective at taking on both ACs and MTs and in most cases are powerful but these are frequently very energy draining which makes them not practical for long engagements.


From Armored Core up to Silent Line, pulse rifles were considered the more energy efficient and safer alternative to the laser rifle. From Nexus onwards with its introduction of the hangar ability, pulse rifles were mainly relegated to being back up weapons. There are a few exceptions, namely the YWH14PU-ROC4 model which could function as great stand-alone weapons, although most are simply reserve weapons.

As for Pulse Cannons, these weapons are accurate fast firing and lethal weapons, often times just as useful or more so than the larger weapons like Laser Cannons. They are useful on lighter ACs that don't want to be burdened down by the weight of these weapons but want a powerful weapon

List of Pulse RiflesEdit

Notable UsersEdit

  • Nineball - probably the most famous user of the Pulse Rifle, Nine-Ball used a unique model, which while sharing the same outer appearance as a regular pulse rifle, fired 3-shot bursts.

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