Chaos 9

Chaos 0.9 Unit

Prototype MT Test (2) is a mission in Armored Core.


Requested by: Chrome

Advance: 0c

Upon success: AC parts

Theater of operations: Test Track No. 6

Enemy forces: "CHAOS 0.9"

Conditions for success: Destroy "CHAOS 0.9"


We want to run tests on a new weapon. As in the last mission we want you to fight a new model "CHAOS" weapon. That is all.

This time, we envision a street battle, fought at Test Track No. 6.

We have made improvements to this advanced MT based on the previous data. It might be a bit stronger. If you are defeated by the MT, you have no right to be called a Raven.

This time we have prepared some special parts as you pay. They are new products not yet out on the market.

However, to make sure you give it your all, you get paid only if you win the fight.



Chrome Operator: Begin the test. Fight with all your might.

Chrome Operator: Very good. Sorry, but you get no break. Try a test against another MT. Ready, start.

Chrome Operator: You lived up to your fame, Raven. There still seems to be room for improvement here. Thank you for hour help. This ends the test.



  • The mission reward is the optional part SP-SAP.

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